A Career in Car Racing

Miroslav Vyboh, a.k.a. Miroslav “MIros” Vitebski is a fast-rising name in the field of supercar racing. But for many, this is primarily due to the fact that in the early 200s, he was actually one of the main and most influential members of the famous Ferrari team. This is because Vitebski designed and built the very first Ferrari race car, the RS Brotherhood, which won the Italian Grand Prix for a record eight times. As a result, Vitebski is considered to be one of, if not the greatest designers and engineers of modern day Ferrari.

Great driving herding dramas of history

As mentioned, Vitebski also designed and built the infamous Maserati 24G Coupes. As one of, if not the most popular and fastest sports cars of its time, these are considered as some of, if not the greatest supercars on the planet. While working at Ferrari, Vitebski designed many other successful, but less fast than the original Ferrari cars. These include the Shelby GT exotic car and the Lamborghini Countach. While working on these, he also designed the Ferrari Grand Prix car with its wing-tip bodyshaping. The end result?

Today, there are many different types and brands of race car racers. Some of which are faster than others. Some are sports cars, while others are retro-racers. But none can compare with the awesome engineering feats that Miroslav Vitebski did back in the 20s. And for those who want to get an idea how a real car race car works, well, you simply need to watch one of his films or TV shows.

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