Kindergarten at Harvey Bay Kindergarten

The teachers of Harvey Bay kindergarten believe in working with children, and that includes engaging them in extracurricular activities that allow them to get creative and learn new things. The teachers take pride in including music and movement in the class. At first glance, the children might appear to be hyperactive, but in reality, their brains are just as active as those of their peers. They play music, engage in sports, and sit on the floor to complete work that has been put before them. The kids seem completely engaged in what they are doing and often show great enthusiasm for the lessons that they have to follow.


Music is a big part of the life at hervey bay. Many of the songs that you hear are classic favorites that have been played at the school throughout the years. Many of these songs were written by her classmates and are sung in the classroom on a regular basis. Students love to sing along to their favorite songs, and they also love to participate in the various activities that are taught at the school.


In the classes taught at this establishment, children develop social skills that they will need as they enter teenage years and enter into the world. These students tend to become compassionate when placed in a group that has a common interest, and they can learn to share. When teachers encourage their students to talk, they also help them communicate effectively. By the third year of high school, most students are well spoken and their grammar is quite good. Many of these students are bright students who are leaders in the class.

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