Building Maintenance and Repair: Why You Should Contact a Professional

building maintenance unit

A building maintenance unit, also known as roofing, attic, or downspout maintenance unit, is a mechanical, self-contained, or automatic machine, usually suspended from above the roof, that moves systematically over any surface of a building whether or not carrying mechanical personnel or window cleaners to clean or maintain the covered surfaces. They move so slowly that they almost touch the ground before they complete the covering work. This movement can take as long as six hours, depending upon the type of covering substance and material and the overall condition of the building.

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The building maintenance unit can perform several different jobs, including cleaning chimneys, cleaning the inside of windows, cleaning siding, cleaning gutters, cleaning skylights, the facade of a building, and cleaning insulation. Their main job is to prevent rainwater and snow water damage by removing leaves and debris that might otherwise clog the roof, attic, or other roofing surface. They also prevent deterioration of the exterior of the building by removing dirt, grease, and moss from the surfaces, ensuring that nothing obstructs the natural exit point of water. They often remove snow and ice and often restore roofing surfaces to like-new. They also perform regular inspections to make certain that everything on the roof is in good working order.


A part of this maintenance includes inspecting the roofing for deterioration, cracked shingles, missing or loose tiles, and other signs of potential leaks. This part of the maintenance is important because leaks will quickly cause more expensive damage. Regular inspections will also let the building owner know where there are any gaps in the roof that might allow rain or snow to get through and cause damage. This kind of preventive maintenance helps to keep the structure’s value up, as well as reduce repairs needed when a leak occurs. A good roofing maintenance company should be licensed and insured, with a history of excellent performance. If you are in doubt about your roof’s condition, you should contact a professional roofer for an inspection and estimate of how much it might cost to fix the problem.

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