Experience The Benefits Of Hilton Elite Status

Hilton Honors ensures that members meet some of the most demanding criteria for a truly elite status in the travel industry. Honors members are entitled to obtain Diamond status which is the highest available level in the Hilton elite line of hotels. By meeting these minimum qualifications, Hilton Honors members have the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional benefits that come with this elite level of status. Click here to read more info.

Boost Your Hilton Elite Status With These Tips

Hilton elite status provides a number of benefits for its members including: unlimited access to special offers, priority boarding and lodging, invitations to premium parties, access to priority dining, priority airport shuttle services, priority baggage and ticket purchasing procedures, priority room availability, priority boarding and luggage handling procedures, priority access to airport lounges, priority parking spaces, invitations to VIP parties and events, invitations to special events and first chance at offers that the public cannot enjoy. Hilton status also provides members the opportunity to enjoy exceptional savings on food and beverage services, priority seating and entrance into the airport lounges. Hilton elite status provides members the opportunity to enjoy exclusive access to airport lounges, which offer access to restaurants, shopping centers and outdoor activities. Hilton elite status also provides members the opportunity to enjoy first chance access into the hotel clubs and concierge services such as concierge and personal assistant services, making it easier than ever to plan a vacation or business trip.

To take advantage of all the benefits of being a member of the Hilton elite group of hotels, it is important to make your booking through a hotel loyalty program. A Hilton elite status match will guarantee you the superior travel amenities and unparalleled customer service that are exclusive to a Hilton hotel. As a member of a hotel loyalty program, you can enjoy a number of benefits including: special rate rates on airline tickets, priority boarding and baggage handling, priority parking spaces, access to the exclusive Hilton airport shuttle services, priority room assignments, priority concierge services, no restrictions on dining options and the luxury of enjoying music in the lobby. If you are looking for a wonderful family vacation destination or an amazing getaway for the business traveler with a work-from-home perspective, consider booking a Hilton elite status along with the complimentary upgrade to a premium room. You will have an incredible opportunity to experience the best that the hospitality industry has to offer. Hilton has truly created one of a kind experience, which will make your stay one that you will never forget.

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