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What is H1B Visa? – Get Your Dream visa Now!

what is h1b visa

A common question that is asked by many prospective applicants is what is H1B Visa? This visa is usually applied to foreign employees who would want to work in the U.S., but cannot due to certain reasons. When an applicant applies for a visa, he or she must inform the U.S. of the intent to apply for an immigrant visa by filing an application with the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). The applicant must also pay an application fee.



As soon as an application is received, the applicant can either be part of the random selection process or be informed if he or she has been chosen to proceed with the interview process. In the event that a person is selected, he or she will receive a confirmation from the USCIS that states how and when the person will be notified. In order to receive their visa, applicants must also pass the interview. If they are not approved for what is called the regular lottery selection process, then they will have to wait for a later date until their application is approved.


So what is H1B Visa and how does it affect me if I’m one of the many people who are applying for this type of visa? For one thing, being a dependent employee, I cannot select the job that best suits me without my spouse or I’s permission. Therefore, I must go through the U.S. citizenship and immigration services to apply for an immigrant visa. Along with the application, I must pay an upfront fee which is then refunded to me upon my visa approval. Since most of us do not have an extra large amount of money laying around for such purposes, this means that only those who can afford to pay the money up front can actually win the h1b visa lottery ticket.

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