Landscaping on a Hill – A Fun and Easy Way to Increase Your Home’s Value!

One of the worst mistakes homeowners make when landscaping on a hill is not to pay attention to drainage. Water that falls on a hill erodes it right away, so it is vital that you create runoff drains for your lawn to prevent this problem from occurring. Drainage along a hill will also help keep your grass roots from encroaching into your garden area. Read More –

Landscaping on a Sloping Hill: How to Prevent Ecologically Damaging Landscapes

One of the biggest issues homeowners face when landscaping on a hill is not to pay attention to erosion. When rain hits a flat hill plain, it is easy for soil to just wash off the top and erode the hill. When water starts to run downhill, the soil is compressed by the weight of all the extra water, compressing it further and making it even harder for the soil to hold together. The less compact the soil is, the more likely it is that it will erode, which will break up your flowerbeds and lawn areas, and wash away valuable planting. A well-drained slope will not only protect your landscaping investment but will also help keep your grassy backyard areas from being washed away in heavy storms.

When landscaping on a hill, having a professional landscaping company inspect your property and inform you of your choices for drainage will save you money and time. Not only are there different types of drainage systems, such as linear and lateral drain installation, but there are also other considerations to keep in mind, such as how much sun exposure the hill receives and what types of plantings will be best for the area. Having a landscaping company inspect your property will ensure that you are doing everything possible to keep your landscaping project on track and beautiful. They can advise you on how much drainage will be needed, as well as which plants will be the most successful, and which flowers will give you the most color and fragrance.

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