A Brief Introduction About Bill Melton and His Company

Melton Mott is a company owned by Bill Melton, who started out his career as an architect and later became a successful real estate developer. He currently serves as president of Melton Limited, LLC, a developer and owner of Melton concrete, an international building material that is used in the construction of commercial and residential projects all over the world. Bill Melton decided to enter into the business of developing affordable housing after several years in the architectural and development industry. In 1992, he took over the failed New Britain House, an eight-story mixed-use building that was once the home of the Wrigley Chewing Gum Company. It is now a landmark that serves as a museum. Later, he decided to purchase a tract of land with the intention of developing it into a residential community and began working on the project. This link – http://meltonconcreters.com/

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As Bill grew his business, he decided to expand it to incorporate a concrete company, which would be based in his own building. He searched for a suitable location for his concrete company and eventually decided on the site of the former Wrigley Chewing Gum Company, which is located on a busy street in downtown Melbourne. Melton decided to build out the building, adding retail shops on the ground floor and a parking garage on the top floors. The resulting project, called Meltoncrete, has since become renowned for its distinctive architecture and unique design.

In 2021, Bill Melton decided to create a website for his business and included himself as the main contact person. His first product was a melton concrete plan, which is basically a standard floor plan designed by the professionals. In addition to this, Melton concrete is also known as Melton masonry, Melton concrete plasters. This website also offers information about the background and history of the company, Bill’s vision and mission, various products and services, and its plans for the future. It is quite impressive that this website is not only set up to promote his business, but it has become an online community where people can get the information they need to make decisions about their business. It is also worth noticing that Bill has a blog, which he uses to update his customers about the current happenings at his company and blog.

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